5.0 Five-Fold & Beyond - Dr. Matt and Amy Carpenter

To Fleece or not to Fleece ?

September 29, 2023 IHIM TV /In His Image Ministries Episode 48
5.0 Five-Fold & Beyond - Dr. Matt and Amy Carpenter
To Fleece or not to Fleece ?
Show Notes

The phrases "putting out fleece" and "keys of the Kingdom"  Let us explain each of these concepts:

  1. Putting Out Fleece:
    In a Christian context, "putting out fleece" refers to the practice of seeking divine guidance or confirmation through a specific test or sign. This term is derived from the story of Gideon in the Bible, found in the book of Judges (Judges 6:36-40). In this story, Gideon asked God for a sign by placing a fleece (a woolen cloth) on the ground and requesting that it become wet with dew while the surrounding ground remained dry, and then later requesting the opposite. Gideon used these signs as a way to discern God's will and gain confidence in his decisions.
  2. Keys of the Kingdom:
    The concept of the "keys of the Kingdom" comes from a passage in the New Testament, specifically in the Gospel of Matthew 16:19, where Jesus says to the apostle Peter:
  3. In this passage, Jesus is symbolically giving Peter the authority to make decisions and judgments within the early Christian community, indicating a position of leadership and responsibility. This passage is often understood as a symbol of the authority and responsibility granted to church leaders and, by extension, to mature and spiritually advanced believers.
  4. It's seen as a sign of maturity when individuals shift from a more elementary or superficial understanding of their faith to a deeper, more responsible role within the church or their spiritual community, where they are entrusted with the "keys" to guide and make decisions for the benefit of others.

In summary, "putting out fleece" is a way of seeking divine guidance through specific signs and can be seen as a less mature approach to faith, while the "keys of the Kingdom" represent a higher level of spiritual authority and responsibility within the Christian context, indicating a degree of maturity and trust in one's spiritual journey. These concepts reflect different aspects of faith and growth within your calling.

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